Direct Certification

Note: “Direct certification will be moved to SAP Cloud Certification from 25-April-2019. In order to attend certification, complete the process by 31-March-2019 and confirm the certification date shared".

Direct Certification

Jump-start your career, gain a competitive edge, and enhance your credentials through the certification program offered by SAP. With offerings at both associate and professional levels, it provides a globally recognized mark of excellence by matching your certification with experience and proficiency in SAP software.

Whether you're an employee of an enterprise running SAP applications, a member of an SAP partner company, or an independent consultant selling, implementing, and maintaining SAP software, you'll find SAP certification essential in today's competitive marketplace. SAP has responded by developing certification offerings in all SAP solution areas at the following levels:

  • Associate level certification - Requires formal SAP training or broad fundamental knowledge of SAP solutions and the successful acquisition of broad proficiency.
  • Professional level certification - Requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions.


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